Naphthalene is formerly important in dyestuff manufacture. It acts as a precursor to phthalic anhydride. Naphthalene is used in the manufacturing of. Naphthalene, 99%, Thermo Scientific Chemicals ; Synonym, naphthalin, naphthene, camphor tar, tar camphor, white tar, albocarbon, naphthaline, moth flakes, moth. NAPHTHALENE To view TLV and Documentation, you must be logged in as an ACGIH member or have previously purchased the documentation. Follow us. Naphthalene for synthesis. CAS , molar mass g/mol. - Find MSDS or SDS, a COA, data sheets and more information. Naphthalene · Chemical Status · Chemical Listing Details · Safe Harbor Levels · Documents, Presentations, and Publications · Public Notices Related to this.

Naphthalene is a neutral compound and it will not react with acid or base. It is an organic compound where benzoic acid is acidic in comparison with 2 naphthols. Naphthalene. Synonyms: Naphthalene. CAS Molecular Weight Browse Naphthalene and related products at MilliporeSigma. Naphthalene ; Melting Point. °F ; Solubility. % ; Vapor Pressure. mmHg ; Ionization Potential. eV ; Specific Gravity. Shop Naphthalene (Crystalline/Certified), Fisher Chemical at Naphthalene/Naftalina. (Español(link is external and opens in a new window) Naphthalene is a type of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) and possible. Naphthalene can enter your body when you breathe contaminated air or eat and drink contaminated food and water. Once inside your body, it can damage the body's. Naphthalene is a colorless, white or brown solid, in flake, cake or powder form, with a mothball odor. It is found in coal tar, gasoline and diesel fuels, and. Aldrich; Naphthalene ; CAS Number: ; Linear Formula: C10H8; find related products, papers, technical documents, MSDS & more at. Naphthalene definition: a white, crystalline, water-insoluble hydrocarbon, C10H8, usually obtained from coal tar. See examples of NAPHTHALENE used in a.

Naphthalene, 99%, Thermo Scientific Chemicals ; Synonym, naphthalin, naphthene, camphor tar, tar camphor, white tar, albocarbon, naphthaline, moth flakes, moth. Naphthalene is an organic compound with formula C 10H 8. It is the simplest polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, and is a white crystalline solid with a. It has a strong, but not unpleasant smell. The major commercial use of naphthalene is in the manufacture of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics. Its major. Manufacturing, industrial releases, improper disposal of industrial waste, and consumer use can release naphthalene into the environment. Once released. It has a strong smell. You can sometimes smell naphthalene in the air or in water. Called white tar and tar camphor, naphthalene is used in mothballs and moth. Naphthalene • CAS Registry Number: Disclaimer: These products are known to contain naphthalene, and there are very likely additional consumer products. Naphthalene () is a component of crude oil and is found in petroleum-derived fuels and consumer products. The most common use of naphthalene in consumer. Naphthalene · Formula: C10H · Molecular weight: · IUPAC Standard InChI: InChI=1S/C10H8/c(10)/hH Copy · IUPAC Standard InChIKey. Naphthalene and substituted derivatives · Naphthalene is the simplest PAH and a model compound to study metabolic pathway, enzymes and its regulation.

Naphthalene is used as a raw material for producing a variety of substances, including phthalic anhydride, dye intermediates, surfactants, and basic. When naphthalene gas is inhaled, the body breaks it down into other chemicals that react with cells in the body and damage tissues. How naphthalene kills moths. Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: Naphthalene, Lesson Summary. Naphthalene is used to make mothballs, PVC, insecticides (insect killing chemicals), dyes, toilet deodorant blocks, and phthalic anhydride. The. At 20 0C, naphthalene is a solid with low volatility. Characterized by its low solubility, it will moderately volatilize once dissolved and adsorbs strongly to.

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