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$ Are you concerned about mold lurking in the corners of your home, affecting your family's health and well-being? Look no further; the Safe Home® Mold –. PRO-LAB's Mold Test Kit utilizes patented laboratory analytical method for accuracy and reliability. To help detect the possibility of toxic black mold. These test plates are easy to use and provide results in just 5 days. These test plates do not include lab analysis but are a great place to start. They can. Indoor Mold Test Kits · Mold Armor. Indoor Mold Test Kit - Detects Mold Presence, Quick Results in 48 Hours, Easy and Safe to Use · PRO-LAB. Indoor Asbestos. The Moldlab Pro Mold Test Kit is an easy way for home inspectors to offer mold testing to their customers and increase their profits. At $99* a kit, inspectors.

Test for mold in your home, school, or office. The kit offers four easy testing methods. Exposure to mold can result in respiratory problems. Test 4 rooms with this easy-to-use kit. Set out plates for 1 hour, seal and put in a warm place for 3 to 4 days. Check for mold. We strive to show you how to identify problems and how to use our mold test kit properly. Our product contains 3 tape lift samples(surface test), a quick start. Mold Test Kits ; , Extech Manometer, $ ea ; Extech Manometer. Extech HD Differential Pressure Monitor 11 selectable units. Low Range/High. The ProLab Mold Test Kit is designed for do it yourself use with accurate and reliable results. It uses the same dust sampling methods that are conducted by. The Mold Check-Up begins with a DIY Mold Test Kit that is customized for your space and designed to sample rooms, surfaces, and even your pets. Video guides and. Find mold test kits at Lowe's today. Shop mold test kits and a variety of cleaning supplies products online at A Do-it-Yourself Healthful Home test kit for detecting problem molds and allergen particles in 5-Minutes. Before you buy or rent, test for mold – Visual results. PRO-LAB's Mold Test Kit is a simple Do-It-Yourself test indicates the presence of mold within 48 hours. Optional lab analysis is available, which identifies.

Product details. The MOLD ARMOR Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit will safely and easily test for the presence of inside or outside mold with results within 48 hours. The DIY Mold Test Kit includes a free certified laboratory analysis and report, return shipping and laboratory fees. Keep your family safe with a DIY test. Fight mold at home or at work with the ImmunoLytics mold test kit. This at-home mold test kit comes with two test plates, free analysis and online. Mold Test Company and Biocide Labs have teamed up to bring you a professional grade do it yourself mold test kit for your HVAC system. The MTC DIY Mold Air. Each kit contains a petri dish, swab and mold growth medium. This mold test kit also includes an option for mail-in lab analysis to determine the mold type. PRO-LAB® Mold Test Kit · Test Kit for Toxic Black Mold in your home, school or office · This mold test kit should be used as your first step in identifying. We have a wide variety of do–it–yourself mold testing kits, including: Viable Mold Kits to test for surface mold and air quality, Instant Mold Test Kits . The PRO-LAB® MOLD TEST KIT is designed for “do it yourself” use with accurate and reliable results. Detects toxic black mold. Customers Having experienced mold in my home on multiple occasions, it was a relief to have the Got Mold's test delivered to my door. Their at-home collection.

Test for mold in your home, school, or office. The kit offers four easy testing methods. 10 SEPARATE TESTS: The Evviva Sciences Mold Testing Kit comes with 10 agar petri dishes, 10 cotton-tipped swabs, a detailed identification guide (pdf), and an. What are the Benefits of My Mold Detective's Mold Test Kit? Empower your health using MyMoldDetective's air care solution to test your home, office, or school. Mold OK™ Test Kit The LabTech® Mold OK™ Detection Kit is a safe method for sampling the areas where mold is present. The kit uses the same easy collection. $ · Buy Additional Test Cassettes · Instant Mold Test Kit · Free Mold Test Kit · Viable Mold Test Kit · Asbestos Test Kit · Sonin Moisture Test Tool.

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